The Curious Case of the Pope in the Daytime

Within the context of heightened scandal and controversy surrounding the Catholic Church in recent months, not least the contentious issue of the Pope’s visit to the United Kingdom, Geoffrey Robertson’s talk on the… Continue reading

Bruni, Breasts and Burkas

Two alarming items in the news recently made me ask myself whether society’s perceptions of women are becoming increasingly philistine and prejudiced. The first was the farcical uproar caused by Carla Bruni hosting… Continue reading

Global Warming: A convenient lie?

Global warming is NOT a myth. If you believe it is, you also believe that simple physics is incorrect. What is more, you are a grossly negligent, irresponsible and supremely unintelligent human being.… Continue reading

Fairtrade Fogginess

Motion 2 proposes more Fairtrade products in Union shops, but an information campaign is needed to get people to buy ethical.