‘Rightful Misgivings’: Justice Edwin Cameron talks about the power of rights, and the danger of them falling into the wrong hands

‘…Rights exist only in words. They cannot be eaten, and they afford no shield against hatred and ignorance.’ With the stern faces of ancient monarchs staring down from their gilded frames in the… Continue reading

Background Music

After dutifully following Pete Doherty around the country in all his various incarnations, be it The Libertines, Babyshambles or just solo, you begin to realise there is no such thing as an ‘average’… Continue reading

Heroines of 2011

Having concluded my last article lamenting the modern woman, languishing in a deeply sexualised culture where every magazine and advert entices her to observe and pander to her vanity, it seems that a… Continue reading

A Good Dressing Down

Over the past few years there have been a multitude of successful, independent women who have preferred to distance themselves from feminism; among them, the monolith of the music industry, Lady Gaga and… Continue reading

The Amanda Knox verdict – and it’s back to square one for femme fatales and incompetent journalism

So she’s been acquitted. The modern-day Mona Lisa portrayed as both angelic saint and sex-craving murderess has returned to sleepy suburbia. Her wish, according to her family, simply to lie in the grass… Continue reading

The proposed raising of the speed limit – won’t somebody think of the Pandas?

The need to speed up and save time is part and parcel of our accelerated lifestyles. People want to get rich quicker and lose weight faster. They want their instant Wonga cash, their… Continue reading

‘Injunctions are a necessary evil’ – Privacy, free speech and a feral press.’ Public debate at the London School of Economics

One of the most salient issues to have emerged in the press in recent weeks, that of injunctions, was recently fought out at the London School of Economics. The panel, chaired by Jo… Continue reading

The Beauty in Flux issue

Read my issue of Something for the Weekend – creative advertising agency Mother London’s cultural blog here.

Half an hour with Adam Wagner: barrister and legal blogger extraordinaire.

“I know it’s a stupid Disney thing to say, but it’s true – just be a nice person, be yourself.” Lessons in humility – Leading junior barrister and editor of the UK Human… Continue reading

Lady Chatterley’s Lover: Fifty Years On

Fifty years ago, on 2nd November 1960 at courtroom number one of the Old Bailey, a remarkable and brave jury acquitted Penguin Books of obscenity for publishing an uncensored version of D H… Continue reading