Of Breasts and Badgers

The problem with the petition to ban Page 3

Heads Will Roll

Heads will continue to roll over Charlie Hebdo’s decision to publish obscene cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad. At home, heads shake with solemn condemnation at an editorial decision deemed to be recalcitrant and… Continue reading

Taking the Bait

Bear Baiting, Benedict Cumberbatch And Upping Sticks When The Going Gets Posh

The Imposter

In 1997, a phone call dramatically altered the lives of the Texan family of Nicholas Barclay, the thirteen year-old boy who inexplicably disappeared in 1994. The San Antonio police shattered their perpetual nightmarish… Continue reading

King Leer

In a popular, cheerful Italian restaurant on Hackney’s Broadway Market, there hangs a sepia photo that has been made famous the world over. Alongside the ubiquitous, timeless image of Audrey Hepburn in her… Continue reading

Starter for Ten: What do Tom Cruise, the ‘precogs’ and the Communications Data Bill all have in common?

Tom Cruise has been on my mind rather a lot lately. Make no mistake, it’s been an unwelcome intrusion, one that forces my thoughts into dark corners and asks unanswerable, gnawing questions, like;… Continue reading

It’s Like Punk Never Happened

The Jubilee celebrations end, yet the Union Jacks still linger limply in streets, looking like sad Christmas decorations that have overstayed their festive welcome. The tea party is cleared away and yet curiously,… Continue reading

Forget the Gloves – The Shoes are Coming Off

Shoes are in the dog house. It sounds a bit like something you’d find on a post-it note stuck to your fridge one morning. You know, your keys are in the goldfish bowl,… Continue reading

Between Dust and Gold Dust – Bruiser, The Duke Spirit

Seeing good live bands in small intimate venues is akin, these days, to finding gold dust. Best enjoyed when the band is undiscovered and still playing tiny pubs and university campuses, the music… Continue reading

The Proposed Change to the Law on Assisted Dying: Light at the end of the tunnel?

Despite not being the cheeriest of topics for a bleak, cold January, death has already been on the legal and cultural radar this year. January saw the culmination of the work of the… Continue reading