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Frances Ha – review

Frances Handley is undergoing a “quarter-life crisis”. She’s a twenty-something year-old modern dancer, barely able to pay rent, and with no serious job or relationship. She doesn’t take sensible job offers when they… Continue reading

Oscar award-winning director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy: “I’m trying to shake Pakistan out of treating women like animals”

A lone 23-year-old Pakistani woman bravely enters a vast courtyard in her rural village. At one end, a semi-circle of grave-faced men, fathers in her local community, await her. The young woman respectfully… Continue reading

RIP Barbie. The backlash has begun.

Barbie’s days are numbered. She’s had a good run; an industrious career spanning nearly 60 years since her inaugural outing in March 1959. She’s accomplished some considerable feats during this time, including various… Continue reading

Social media makes women stupid…or does it?

According to a recent study, girls at college and university are pretty silly. Rather than spending their time diligently studying in their college library, getting involved in a student protest or embarking on a… Continue reading

Why I don’t want to be Beyoncé’s bitch

Say what you will about Beyoncé, but this is a woman who throughout her phenomenally successful singing career, has nailed the powerful, sassy superwoman act down to a tee. So much so, that… Continue reading

Are diamonds still a girl’s best friend?

What is it about diamonds that are so captivating? And why do women still covet them so much? Bright, brilliant, sparkling diamonds have inspired us for generations; their rarity, value, the way they… Continue reading

Scientology, publishers and UK libel laws: a heady mix

British publishers Transworld have cancelled their publication of a new book on Scientology, after taking legal advice. Lawrence Wright’s highly anticipated book, Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief, is based… Continue reading

Why is the 1950s housewife making a comeback?

It’s not often that you meet a woman today who would describe herself as a housewife. This unglamorous, dated term, synonymous with domestic drudgery, has been made redundant by changes in attitudes and… Continue reading

What Pablo Larraín’s ‘No’ tells us about Chile today

Last Friday, Chilean director Pablo Larraín’s Oscar-nominated film ‘No‘, arrived in UK cinemas. The film looks at the 1988 plebiscite and the accompanying advertising campaign which enabled the Chilean citizenry to put an… Continue reading

Racist language in children’s books: In or out?

The heated issue over racist language in children’s literature has once again made headlines across the continent. One of Germany’s oldest children’s publishers, Thienemann, has decided to revise the text of Die Kleine Hexe (The… Continue reading