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The message and the music: why applauding any song with a feminist sentiment is dangerous

‘Women singing about being miserable, downtrodden and broken-hearted isn’t a bad thing.’

Why I don’t want to be Beyoncé’s bitch

Say what you will about Beyoncé, but this is a woman who throughout her phenomenally successful singing career, has nailed the powerful, sassy superwoman act down to a tee. So much so, that… Continue reading

Between Dust and Gold Dust – Bruiser, The Duke Spirit

Seeing good live bands in small intimate venues is akin, these days, to finding gold dust. Best enjoyed when the band is undiscovered and still playing tiny pubs and university campuses, the music… Continue reading

Background Music

After dutifully following Pete Doherty around the country in all his various incarnations, be it The Libertines, Babyshambles or just solo, you begin to realise there is no such thing as an ‘average’… Continue reading

Heroines of 2011

Having concluded my last article lamenting the modern woman, languishing in a deeply sexualised culture where every magazine and advert entices her to observe and pander to her vanity, it seems that a… Continue reading