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Starter for Ten: What do Tom Cruise, the ‘precogs’ and the Communications Data Bill all have in common?

Tom Cruise has been on my mind rather a lot lately. Make no mistake, it’s been an unwelcome intrusion, one that forces my thoughts into dark corners and asks unanswerable, gnawing questions, like;… Continue reading

The Proposed Change to the Law on Assisted Dying: Light at the end of the tunnel?

Despite not being the cheeriest of topics for a bleak, cold January, death has already been on the legal and cultural radar this year. January saw the culmination of the work of the… Continue reading

‘Rightful Misgivings’: Justice Edwin Cameron talks about the power of rights, and the danger of them falling into the wrong hands

‘…Rights exist only in words. They cannot be eaten, and they afford no shield against hatred and ignorance.’ With the stern faces of ancient monarchs staring down from their gilded frames in the… Continue reading

‘Injunctions are a necessary evil’ – Privacy, free speech and a feral press.’ Public debate at the London School of Economics

One of the most salient issues to have emerged in the press in recent weeks, that of injunctions, was recently fought out at the London School of Economics. The panel, chaired by Jo… Continue reading

Half an hour with Adam Wagner: barrister and legal blogger extraordinaire.

“I know it’s a stupid Disney thing to say, but it’s true – just be a nice person, be yourself.” Lessons in humility – Leading junior barrister and editor of the UK Human… Continue reading

Lady Chatterley’s Lover: Fifty Years On

Fifty years ago, on 2nd November 1960 at courtroom number one of the Old Bailey, a remarkable and brave jury acquitted Penguin Books of obscenity for publishing an uncensored version of D H… Continue reading

The Curious Case of the Pope in the Daytime

Within the context of heightened scandal and controversy surrounding the Catholic Church in recent months, not least the contentious issue of the Pope’s visit to the United Kingdom, Geoffrey Robertson’s talk on the… Continue reading