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Author AM Homes: “We still live in a world where the work of male writers dominates”

“After 9/11 I was very aware that the world around me, which had previously felt safe and was a place where I felt free to depart into my imagination, literally didn’t feel stable anymore.”

The message and the music: why applauding any song with a feminist sentiment is dangerous

‘Women singing about being miserable, downtrodden and broken-hearted isn’t a bad thing.’

Can a naked woman ever be celebrated in the internet age?

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘camgirl?’ Do you instantly think of Botticelli’s Venus, Manet’s Olympia and Picou’s Andromeda – beautiful, proud, sometimes tragic, nudes, lounging around in famous art… Continue reading


John Hegley, one of the country’s  most popular contemporary poets, is absent-mindedly picking the cat hairs off his shabby suit. His Converse trainers have holes in them, and the photographer is reminding him to stand… Continue reading

Why I don’t want to be Beyoncé’s bitch

Say what you will about Beyoncé, but this is a woman who throughout her phenomenally successful singing career, has nailed the powerful, sassy superwoman act down to a tee. So much so, that… Continue reading

Maggie Stiefvater: ‘Our attitude towards girls is taking a weird and terrible turn’ – Interview

Maggie Stiefvater is an unusual author. Happily munching on a bowl of chips, the American writer and mother of two shows me a picture of her pride and joy: a rally car. Considering… Continue reading

Are diamonds still a girl’s best friend?

What is it about diamonds that are so captivating? And why do women still covet them so much? Bright, brilliant, sparkling diamonds have inspired us for generations; their rarity, value, the way they… Continue reading

Pornography, modern women and the myth of free choice

Where should modern women stand on the issue of pornography? From Pompeii to Playboy, pornographic images have always been a part of society, but what about the women involved in making pornography, and… Continue reading

John Agard: ‘I feel an empathy with the bad characters’ – Interview

Raucous laughter emerges from the studio where the poet John Agard is being photographed. The photographer asks him to leave his coat on, and Agard cheerfully agrees, telling us in his deep Caribbean… Continue reading

Why is the 1950s housewife making a comeback?

It’s not often that you meet a woman today who would describe herself as a housewife. This unglamorous, dated term, synonymous with domestic drudgery, has been made redundant by changes in attitudes and… Continue reading