Meet Ireland’s first lesbian Rose of Tralee

Maria Walsh, 27, was recently crowned Ireland’s Rose of Tralee – the ‘ultimate woman’. A few days later, she came out as gay.

Author AM Homes: “We still live in a world where the work of male writers dominates”

“After 9/11 I was very aware that the world around me, which had previously felt safe and was a place where I felt free to depart into my imagination, literally didn’t feel stable anymore.”

Women in prison

Much more grassroots work is needed to prevent women from ending up in prison

The message and the music: why applauding any song with a feminist sentiment is dangerous

‘Women singing about being miserable, downtrodden and broken-hearted isn’t a bad thing.’

Can a naked woman ever be celebrated in the internet age?

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘camgirl?’ Do you instantly think of Botticelli’s Venus, Manet’s Olympia and Picou’s Andromeda – beautiful, proud, sometimes tragic, nudes, lounging around in famous art… Continue reading


John Hegley, one of the country’s  most popular contemporary poets, is absent-mindedly picking the cat hairs off his shabby suit. His Converse trainers have holes in them, and the photographer is reminding him to stand… Continue reading

Frances Ha – review

Frances Handley is undergoing a “quarter-life crisis”. She’s a twenty-something year-old modern dancer, barely able to pay rent, and with no serious job or relationship. She doesn’t take sensible job offers when they… Continue reading

Oscar award-winning director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy: “I’m trying to shake Pakistan out of treating women like animals”

A lone 23-year-old Pakistani woman bravely enters a vast courtyard in her rural village. At one end, a semi-circle of grave-faced men, fathers in her local community, await her. The young woman respectfully… Continue reading

RIP Barbie. The backlash has begun.

Barbie’s days are numbered. She’s had a good run; an industrious career spanning nearly 60 years since her inaugural outing in March 1959. She’s accomplished some considerable feats during this time, including various… Continue reading

Social media makes women stupid…or does it?

According to a recent study, girls at college and university are pretty silly. Rather than spending their time diligently studying in their college library, getting involved in a student protest or embarking on a… Continue reading